Term and Conditions

We don't want to get too legal with our terms and conditions, we like to keep it simple. However, we need to make sure that you and Strivaal Limited t/a The Wix Geeks are in agreement on some things.

Service Agreement


  • Website Plans are contracted to a minimum of 12 monthly payments.

  • After the minimum payments and contract length is completed you will automatically be placed into a 1-month contract, with a period of 30 days’ notice to cancel. This will happen automatically without notification and will be the customer's responsibility, to ensure they cancel if they want to after the minimum period has ended. At the end of the minimum period you will own the website.

  • Please be aware that any additional extras, features, pages, plugins that are not included within your plan will incur an extra fee at the management's discretion. Unless you have purchased Content Writing from The Wix Geeks, this will need to be supplied by the client.


Payment Terms

  • For monthly plans, you will pay an initial payment of the setup fee + the first months instalment. Then your billing cycle will start on the day your website goes live.

  • All payments will be taken by debit or credit card. You will receive an invoice each month and are required to pay within 7 days. 

  • We reserve the right to charge a late payment fee of £10 for any payment not received within 7 business days.

  • If a customer has a late invoice exceeding 2 (two) consecutive months, your services will be suspended, and further action will be taken using legal methods such as the Small Claims Court or/and Solicitor Firm (but not limited to). We reserve the right to pass on your personal information to these firms, if necessary. In this case, we will charge for the maximum legally possible late payment interest/charges.

  • Once work has been started on your website you cannot cancel, unless at the Management's discretion.

Deadlines & Estimated Date of Completion

  • The Wix Geeks will always try and stick to any deadlines or estimated date of completion (ETA’s) we set. In some circumstances in or out of our control, this may not be possible, and the websites contract cannot be cancelled by the client.

  • We will require all relevant forms filled and payments made, content handed to us (if applicable), to be completed before any deadlines can start.

  • If you are ordering our ‘Content Writing’ service, this will at least require an extra 3-5 days or longer; if there are a lot of pages, we need to write content for, this could be considerably longer.

  • We hold the right to change your ‘deadline’ or ‘estimated date of completion’ (ETA) at any time and for any reason

PPC Advertising and SEO

  • The Wix Geeks are a group of certified ad creators and managers that optimise your digital ads or your organic keywords on a constant basis in order to generate more traffic to your website. The following are our general guidelines and terms for digital marketing campaigns.

  • PPC campaigns may include creating landing pages on your website that are geared specifically to your top selling products or local area.

  • SEO campaigns managed by The Wix Geeks include constantly monitoring your website's keywords and creating landing pages to boost your organic search engine rankings.

  • The Wix Geeks can guarantee that having a marketing campaign with us will generate more traffic to your website, but we can not guarantee that it will rank your website first on Google, increase the amount of contacts to your business, or increase the revenue of your business.

  • All The Wix Geeks customers that have a PPC or SEO campaign with us are sent monthly analytics and ROI reports.

Copyright, Intellectual Property & Legalities

  • The Wix Geeks will expect the client to carry out sufficient research before signing up to any of our services. This includes (but not limited to) checking the idea/project/business/website you have will operate legally. You must not use or sign up to any services, if in any way you are operating illegally.

  • We will not be held responsible for any of the content, images or any other material on the website, that copyright infringements another business/website nor the illegal use of material used on your website. It is the client’s reasonability to ensure the content/images/other material used on the website is legal. The Wix Geeks will not be held responsible in any way.

  • We hold full right to remove/take-down any material on your website, which we believe is illegal or inappropriate.

  • Where we have used any graphics or images on the website, that have been created or purchased from a third-party by The Wix Geeks. These are restricted by a licence to only be used on 1 website only. We have a limit of purchasing up to 15 images/graphics per website and if you need any more will occur an additional fee. The Wix Geeks will not be held responsible for illegal or misuse of these images, by the client or other’s distributing, amending or copying the images/graphics to other organisations or individuals

General Business Terms

  • Strivaal Limited t/a/ The Wix Geeks is currently the Limited business operated by Shaun Sadlier and Adam Cohen-Terry, with our company address being Strivaal Limited t/a The Wix Geeks, 2 Highfield Place, Biddulph, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST8 6HE which should be used in any correspondence to us or that you receive from us.

  • The Wix Geeks reserves the right to change its business address at any time.

  • The Wix Geeks reserves the right to become another company type, at any point.

  • The Wix Geeks reserves the right to charge VAT on payments automatically.

  • We make no guarantees or claims that the contents of our website are legally/lawfully viewed or downloaded outside England & Wales. If you access our website outside these areas, it is done at the user’s own risk and the website visitor is responsible for obeying the relevant laws of the visitor's jurisdiction. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the law of England & Wales. Any claims regarding the content of our website will lie exclusively with the courts of England. If any of these Terms & Conditions are found to be invalid by the court having competent jurisdiction, in that case the other terms and conditions found to be valid will remain in full force and in effect.

  • The Wix Geeks will be in no way held responsible for your business or projects operation, profitably or sales, that could be claimed as an effect of the services offered by The Wix Geeks.

  • The Wix Geeks hold the right to pass on your personal information, to services related to your services. However, we will never sell your personal information to third parties.

  • The Wix Geeks has full right to use your website links and material, to advertise its products on various marketing platforms, on our own website and advertising material.

  • We will place a small text link in the footer of your website to state that your website was created by The Wix Geeks and will include a link to our website. This link can be removed on request to contact@thewixgeeks.co

  • Any passwords you provide or that The Wix Geeks provides to you, should be changed immediately. Customers are responsible for their own security.

  • The Wix Geeks hold the right to refuse any client our services, for any reason we deem necessary, which we do not have to disclose. We can also refuse services for certain business ideas or business categories; we do not deem as ‘sustainable’ and that provide too much risk for us

Website Design/Development

  • We understand getting your design right for your website is essential. We don’t currently have any maximum limit number, but we do have a sensible fair usage policy down to management's discretion. You will receive two rounds of design revisions. Any further design revisions to that will occur additional charges priced at £75+vat Per Hour.

  • If you request multiple design revisions, this will require more time from our developers, to carry out work on your website. This will make any previous timeframes we have provided invalid. Please be patient as any design revisions will need to be booked into the next available slot.

  • If you decide to change your business name at any time during or after the process and need your new branding uploaded and a new domain name setup, this will occur an extra fee of £75.00 to be carried out. The domain name will occur an extra charge, which is down to the extension type and management's discretion. If your business model changes at any time before or after the process, depending on management's discretion and if accepted will occur additional charges depending on the amount of work that needs to be carried out. We are under no obligation to accept these changes and management can refuse to carry out that work.

  • The Wix Geeks uses Wix and modifies to help develop elements of the client’s website. This will help us speed up the time it takes to develop your website and will provide you with added functionality including the ability to edit your own website.  We always try to meet the client's design specifications (within reason), in some cases this is not always possible, and we make no guarantees on any of your design specifications and an alternative may need to be found in some cases. Design, layout and functionality changes are all subject to the restrictions of the Wix platforms.


E-Commerce Sites

  • E-Commerce sites are powered by Wix CMS. Functionality is restricted to this platform.

  • The Wix Geeks does not provide a payment gateway, you will need to choose a gateway such as Stripe, PayPal or another Wix supported payment gateway.

Availability & Support

  • Opening hours are between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday and 09:00 - 4:00pm Friday on business working weekdays. We are closed on bank holidays.

  • While avoided as much as possible, we reserve the right to close The Wix Geeks on days with staff shortages, upgrades, weather conditions, seasonal holidays, events or for any other reason we deem necessary at short or no notice.

  • For all client projects we use a project management software called Basecamp. Please use Basecamp as a first point of contact where possible.

  • We reserve the right to change our opening hours, at any time.

  • We will aim to fix any reported issues within a reasonable timeframe, which are not caused by the customers doing, within business hours.

  • In addition, The Wix Geeks will not tolerate any form of swearing, anger, harassment from customers or third-parties against its employee’s. The Wix Geeks reserves the right to cancel a contract without refund and with full payment due as 1 whole payment, in the event of inappropriate or unreasonable behaviour and conduct. If any threatening behaviour is directed to any of our employee’s, communication will then be by postal mail only