About Us

The Wix Geeks are all about helping businesses win online. With real digital expertise and a commitment to growing our clients’ business, we are the agency you can depend on

Your Partner in the long term

Helping businesses grow is at the heart of The Wix Geeks. Through our digital marketing expertise, we help brands and businesses get their name out, boost their website traffic and convert leads to sales. 


No matter what industry you are in or what phase your business is in, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency who can help you win online, we are the guys to approach. 

We are committed to creating genuine partnerships. We take time to learn our clients’ goals for this year and the following years – and take on those goals as our own.

Our Values


Digital Experts

We do not operate on assumptions or guesswork. Behind The Wix Geeks success is a team of talented individuals passionate to further their craft. We don’t limit ourselves to what we already know. We continuously learn the industry’s new practices and work together to help our clients stay on top in an ever-changing digital landscape. 



At The Wix Geeks, we love our tech, graphs and numbers but we don’t forget what’s important to our clients: real ROI. From web development to social media marketing, our solutions are designed to increase your conversion rates. As your partner in growing your business, we spend every pound of your marketing budget as if it was our own. 

Honest in Approach, 

Transparent in Results

Honesty and transparency are at the centre of our service. As partners, we make sure you fully understand our processes and know where every cent goes. We also ensure that you know the progress of our campaigns and know the results, both the good and bad. With a completely open relationship, you can trust that we are constantly finding the best ways to brush your brand to dominate Google.

Office Space

Working with us

The Wix Geeks have helped 100’s of businesses win online.  We create seamless digital experiences that grow businesses and make the Web a better, more interesting place. 


Our team, from our copywriters to our SEO experts, are passionate about everything they do. Whether it’s identifying the right keywords for your web content or crafting a social media post, each aspect of our work reflects our commitment to your success. 


Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with numerous start-ups, family businesses and SMEs from various industries.


Find about what we’ve done for our previous clients and imagine what we can do for you.